Half day Painting Classes - May 2024

 Good Morning!   This is new...  two half day Barn Quilt painting classes this month!

Held in my studio (garage) at 908 Valley Drive in Carterville, IL.    Many designs to choose from, or find something on the internet!

Here's the link to the brochure:  Half Day Brochure<<<

Here's the link to REGISTER HERE<<<

½  DAY Barn Quilt Painting Class! 

My studio, Valley Drive, Carterville, IL

May 18th, Saturday

8:00 AM - Noon or Noon - 4:00 PM

Limit 6 persons each period

Barn Quilt painting classes are two to four hour sessions where students choose a design from a pre-selected group and arrive ready to paint.  

Class is either morning or afternoon.

 (Some students will finish within two hours!)   

 Recommended Designs <<<  

(or… go to website: www.TheBarnQuilter.net )

If you pick a design that is very complex I will call you to discuss.  Or find something online.  Send a photo of it to Jeff.   Bring beverages and snacks.

All the materials for class are provided and the participants need only be dressed knowing they may get paint on their skin and clothing.  All the paints are latex acrylic exterior paints in a variety of colors. None of these paints have any odor.  Colors (over 200) can be mixed or tinted on-site for lighter shades of a given color. Cleanup is just soap and water.   Bring your own latex/acrylic paints if you have preferences!  

Each participant chooses a design from the website, or submits a design of their own choice for approval. Everyone goes home with their finished piece!  Price for class is $75 for a 24” panel or $100 for a 30” square panel.   Everything is painted on durable aluminum composite panels.

Register online at www.TheBarnQuilter.net or call me!

If you are interested please register HERE<<<,  Or call/email Jeff@kurtzinpa.com

Thanks!  Jeff Kurtz  www.TheBarnQuilter.net

Carterville, IL     717-620-9676


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