missing a phone #

 Good Morning!  About two weeks ago someone ordered a "Tree of Life" BQ from me.  It's almost done but I lost her name and number...   If you know who this migh be, please call me. 717-620-9676 Jeff

Clear top coat spray paint

 This is what I suggest for a top coat on your art work.  Available in several finishes. It's just an option, but I think it brightens the colors and evens out the various paint textures and finishes. Have fun! Jeff

Joh A. Logan class 4/1/23

Fun class at John A. Logan College!

Links to design selections for classes

  Happy Day! You can pick from any of the designs on the links below, or choose something from Etsy or Pintrest.  I will let you know if you choose something that is too difficult.  Then email or text a copy of the design you want to do. Thanks,  Jeff - 717-620-9676 Color Charts:  <<< My general selection group: <<< Civil War and Underground Railroad  era patterns: <<< Art that has been done in recent classes: <<< Happy painting!

How to finish a class, or a design project , in three hours!

 The day after a painting class you probably won't remember how many times the blow drier's popped the breaker... or if the air conditioner didn't work, or how much you wanted a glass of water after three hours of stretching tape and squinting to see pencil lines...   But when it's happening it gets frustrating. Like many people say, half way through a bad round of golf..., "This is a stupid game!" Let's look ahead to this weekend and the Barn Quilt painting class you just registered for.  It can go a lot smoother if you keep a few things in mind. A) Arrive on time!  10:00 AM does not mean "whenever I get there."  We usually have 12 people in class,  so being 10 (... 30?!) minutes late means the instructions need to spoken again and again.  Then someone wonders why 2 hours ends at 12:30 instead of noon. B) Read the advance instructions in advance!  I send out the suggestions in advance to give you a chance to anticipate what you are going to be d

Plantscape BQ class 3/25

 Lots of exciting things getting started this spring! Here are details of a class at Plantscape in Herrin! Register at Plantscape or online at See you in class!    Jeff

Jeff's tips for painting barn quilts

  Tips for better painting:                                                                     Jeff Kurtz   8/14/22  Paint can start to dry (skin over) in as little as 8 seconds.  If you feel your brush start to “drag” when painting over a previous stroke, you should stop, put more paint on the brush, and move to an adjacent area to continue painting.  Brushing over a “skinned” area can leave deep brush marks.  Once the design is laid out, start by erasing the lines before you apply tape.  Pencil marks can bleed and show through several layers of paint. Special tip!  This helps avoid paint bleeding under the tape.  Use a thin coat of clear finish to coat the edges of new tape areas.  Bleeds are practically eliminated.  Seem like an extra step?  Thank me later… Let a thin line of the paint you are taping over show before pressing the tape into place. This helps eliminate thin unpainted strips from occurring. Use thin coats of paint!  You will get uniform coverage without paint layer be