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Illinois Barn Quilters?

 Artists who paint barn quilts (BQ's) aren't all that hard to find. There are several facebook forums where individuals publish photos and comments about their art.  The one I enjoy most is Barn Quilt Addicts . As I discover artists here in Illinois I'll add them to this list.  Most will sell their work and many will do custom pieces upon request.  Just contact them and see what you can arrange.  Prices are up to the artist.   Me:   TheBarnQuilter in Carterville. 62918.  I work in my garage and don't have a retail location, as such.  I keep about 30 pieces in stock and can do a custom BQ in about 14 days.  Shipping costs are calculated per order.  Jeff Kurtz   717-620-9676 - Not necessarily in any order: Carl Cottingham, Carterville.   The House of Busifingers.  1101 S Division St, Carterville, IL 62918   (618) 534-5161 J enn’s Barn Quilts And Signs   Galatia (?)  (618) 926-7554 Farmhouse Barn Quilts By Tammie<<<   Hartsburg, IL Barn Quilts b

creating wood panel look

I am working on this post.   There are actually a couple ways to do the paint part for this.  This is what I have found to be the cleanest.   the other way is to just use brush strokes ande a very thin coat of paint to create grain running in different directions on each board. How I made a sheet of aluminum laminate look like wood fencing or paneling: A combination of things... It's on 3mm aluminum composite, 24"x24". I made the grooves by cutting through the first layer of alum and bent it back to open the surface. Then while bent back I sanded the edges of the opening so when it was flattened out a groove would remain. Then I painted it with two coats of Retique it, which is like a paint that contains microscopic wood particles. When the second coat was still wet I used a "graining" tool to create the patterns. Worked out pretty well with no practice. I had anticipated staining it but the light color works for a BQ I'm working on. Should be finished in a

Logos and colors

  I'm starting a file with links to official logos and corporate colors.  This helps things be consistent. John Deere:  <<<    Harley Davidson <<<