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Painting class at Pookie's in Marion

Barn Quilt Painting Class!  Pookie’s Beer & Bocce , IL 717-620-9676    Tuesday May 21st     12:00 noon until 4:00  Limit 12 persons Click for brochure HERE<<< Click for registration HERE<<<

John A. Logan Painting Class Registration

  JALC Painting April 2024 - Google Docs Click this link for details and registration.

Quilt blocks from the civil war era.

  Title: The Utilization of Quilts for Messages during the Civil War and Underground Railroad Introduction: During the Civil War era and the Underground Railroad, quilts played a significant role in conveying messages and providing secret codes to aid in the escape of enslaved individuals. These quilts, known as "quilt codes" or "freedom quilts," served as a clever means of communication among abolitionists and slaves seeking freedom. This report will explore the history and significance of quilts, their symbolism, and their use as messages during these tumultuous times. The Historical Context: 1. The Civil War: The Civil War, fought from 1861 to 1865, saw the United States torn apart by conflicts surrounding slavery and states' rights. Under these circumstances, enslaved individuals sought ways to escape to the North, where they would find freedom. Quilts became an essential tool for communication and provided a code to assist in their journey. 2. The Undergrou

Eclipse art!


Links to design selections for classes

  Happy Day! You can pick from any of the designs on the links below, or choose something from Etsy or Pintrest.  I will let you know if you choose something that is too difficult.  Then email or text a copy of the design you want to do. Thanks,  Jeff - 717-620-9676 Color Charts:  <<< My general selection group: <<< Civil War and Underground Railroad  era patterns: <<< Art that has been done in recent classes: <<< Happy painting!

art at Alto Vineyards


New display in Carterville!

  This display will be up for one week!  Looks GREAT!