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Cutting circle templates.

Barn Quilt in Carterville. 36" square



 Good Day, my friend!  Please take a few minutes to see the photos and videos from 5 years of Barn Quilt painting!  It'[s fun and it can be simple.  Just grab a board or something and a couple cans of paint!! My best tools are a square, a straight edge a roll of tape and a sharp knife... AND my imagination. Thanks for visiting, and call any time to share ideas and thoughts.   717-620-9676 Jeff - aka:  TheBarnQuilter.

Ready to paint panels for sale!

From this year's classes I have several panels all drawn and ready to paint. They are all on 3mm aluminum composite that I have been using for about 3 years. They were prepared for classes, but people changed their mind and requested something else.  They are in very good condition. Two are 16 inches square:  $25 each Three are 24 inches square:    $35 each Call me if you would like to come by and pick one or more of them, or pick one to do in a class. I am doing classes of four artists here in my studio, now.  Great lighting and warm heat!  Get some friends together and let's set a date! Jeff 717-620-9676

Videos regarding techniques for painting Barn Quilts.

 Rather that include them all , right here, I'll post a couple and then you can USE THIS LINK <<<  to view the entire channel.

in home painting classes! Results included

First class in my home is tomorrow!   I had my garage ceiling and walls and garage door, super insulated. Added a couple heaters, installed 11 ceiling lights and 3 8 ft tables. Over 200 colors/shades of paint. Room for 4 artists. Am providing pizza, delivered. Should be fun! Pics to follow. Scroll down for "tomorrow Happened" Photo in Dec 2 23 BQ Painting class - Google Photos