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Bleed proofing

This tip was mentioned in a forum... it's too good not to share. Once you get your patter outlined with tape, as a next step paint the tape edges with the underlying color. Just one coat to seal the edges and let any bleed be in the color of the background tape.  Works like a charm! Also works:  use clear sealer polyacrylic, to seal the edges of the tape.  
These two 12x12 barn quilts are on opposite sides of a panel to be hung on a garden flag fixture along our street.  


 Not having blogged in a month, I'm going  to run some things together. Picture hangers are pretty simple. I use these to hang barn quilts on fences or fence posts.  Drill a i/8" hole through each opening( after centering on the board. I use t-posts. Available  at hardware, big box or ag stores. Has built in clips to hang things on. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~