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Plantscape BQ class 3/25

 Lots of exciting things getting started this spring! Here are details of a class at Plantscape in Herrin! Register at Plantscape or online at See you in class!    Jeff

Jeff's tips for painting barn quilts

  Tips for better painting:                                                                     Jeff Kurtz   8/14/22  Paint can start to dry (skin over) in as little as 8 seconds.  If you feel your brush start to “drag” when painting over a previous stroke, you should stop, put more paint on the brush, and move to an adjacent area to continue painting.  Brushing over a “skinned” area can leave deep brush marks.  Once the design is laid out, start by erasing the lines before you apply tape.  Pencil marks can bleed and show through several layers of paint. Special tip!  This helps avoid paint bleeding under the tape.  Use a thin coat of clear finish to coat the edges of new tape areas.  Bleeds are practically eliminated.  Seem like an extra step?  Thank me later… Let a thin line of the paint you are taping over show before pressing the tape into place. This helps eliminate thin unpainted strips from occurring. Use thin coats of paint!  You will get uniform coverage without paint layer be

Often asked questions?

Where are Barn Quilt painting classes in Southern Illinois? I teach monthly at several locations.  Scroll through the blog. Where can I buy barn quilts in southern Illinois (Carterville) Custom and finished BQ's are available here. How do I paint a Barn Quilt? It is not difficult, but a class will teach you many shortcuts!