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From a barn on East Grand Ave in Crainville, IL.  

More on the history of Barn Quilts

   The History of Barn Quilt Painting Introduction:   This report delves into the fascinating history of barn quilt painting, a traditional art form that has gained popularity across rural regions. Originating in the United States, barn quilt painting has evolved into a remarkable way to celebrate local heritage and add vibrant displays to the rural landscape. This report aims to provide an overview of the origins, growth, and significance of barn quilt painting as an art form. . The center piece is 48," square Origins and Early Development:   The roots of barn quilt painting can be traced back to the late 20th century in rural communities of the United States. The concept was inspired by the embellishment of barn exteriors with painted patterns, usually geometric in nature. The earliest known barn quilt was created in 1989 by Donna Sue Groves in Adams County, Ohio, as a tribute to her mother. It featured a traditional quilt block design, translated into a large-scale painting on

Two days of classes!

 This was a sell-out!  2nd Act from S.I. Health had a great turnout! Day One<<< Day Two<<<  Some examples: