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Link to my youtube video channel!

  Barn Quilts - YouTube   <<< View all the videos at this link. 1:46 using thin coats of paint on Barn Quilts Add description Public Made for kids Aug 11, 2023 Published 126 0 100.0% 1 like 2:03 Floating a brush - Reduced brush marks. Details at In this video I demonstrate letting a brush float across wet paint to minimize brush strokes. The strokes are still there but the background color is not seen. Public None Sep 22, 2022 Published 27 0 – 4:55 Sealing tape while painting a Barn Quilt. See dialog at I am known as TheBarnQuilter. I have been painting BQ's for about three years and am teaching lessons for local peeps. Most of the painting is straight forward, but a few tips can save hours of time, during a class or painting on your own. I'll summarize them from time to time. Meanwhile, check our my blog at Public None Aug 8, 2022 Published 118 0 100.0% 1 like 1:40 Drying the paint Barn Quilt painti