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Latex/Acrylic Paint Extender

  This product is available at Sherwin Williams paint stores.  I mix it with most of my paints to improve the quality of the finish and extend how much coverage I get from a can of paint.  Mixing your paint thin really helps get a smooth coverage without pesky brush marks. It also works well to "recover" paint that has gotten thick in the can... like a loose lid allows air to dry the paint while in storage.  This also works with paints I take to my classes that sit open for hours at a time. Frequently, I run ads on facebook or craigslist looking for old cans of leftover paint that has been sitting in someone's basement or garage.  This stuff works very well to replenish paint that has gotten thick with age. You can see the advantages listed on the label.  Another product called Flotrol is available on Amazon and does the same thing.   Try it!  You'll like it.  If you live nearby just give me a call and you can try a sample at my place. Jeff

48" Dragonfly

 This came out nice!  One of my students ordered it to do in a class and then changed her mind.  I finally took it upon myself to get it finished.  48" square. Took a lot of mixing to get the lighter shades and then topped some areas off with metallic and iridescent paints.  The effects hardly show except for close up. Will be featured in my display at the S.I. Made Expo next weekend in Marion. Enjoy the day! Jeff