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What makes paint stick?

I'm certain there are several answers to this question... I know but a few. First off, sanding the surface gives the paint a place to "get a tooth." Then, as you recoat the paint in layers, the fresh coat actually disolves the first coat so the layers blend together. We sort of complicate that using blow dryers... When I am painting at home I wait 4 hours between coats. (did you ever read the lable?) Then think about this... the paint continues to cure for thirty days! If you put it outside and it gets rained on there's the chance that the paint will disolve.. You're going to have these panels for 40 to 50 years... no reason not to wait a month to display them. Happy Day! Jeff

class pics, Crafted, Murphysboro

Another class done! Last weekend at Crafted! 6 hours. Click the link for all the pics!

How to do a fundraiser!

This is a pretty simple idea that a church youth group did. Everyone attends a Barn Quilt painting class for $50 and the designs go into auctions! Either a life auction at a gala event, or a silent auction at a group event. How simple is that? I have seen these panels sell from $75 to $250, depending on the quality of the work and the creativity of the design. Go for it! Jeff


I'm considering doing a Doctorate... Quilts were often made to commemorate important family events such as marriage, a birth, or moving to a new place. Often made from scraps of old dresses, burlap sacks, and dish cloths, it gives physical, even functional, form to a family or individual’s past and present. Tindall uses combinations of cottons, raw Dupioni silks, Swarovski crystals, natural fibers, Malian mud cloth, and even glitter to convey the spiritual, intangible components of her narrative compositions. For Tindall, the quilts become vehicles for the voices and footprints of people running for their lives. “The orange is life, or light,” she explains, pointing at the glowing horizon line on her quilt, The Johnson House. “They could feel or sense light through their struggle of trying to get to freedom.” Originally Published: March 01, 2022 Hannah Twietmeyer Hannah Twietmeyer Hannah is a writer and content creator based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a passion for all things

Silent auction... or fund raiser?

This idea came from qa church where I did a class... Host a Barn Quilt painting class where A) I would give you $75 for hosting... then B) Auction off the finished BQ's in an auction... silent or not! These panels typically sell anywhere from $75 to $250 for 16" and 24" bq'S! Just look at some of the panels from my classes: Best In Class <<<

New Facebook page...

Yes, I got busted for too many political posts... oh well... My new page on FB is HERE<<< I hope to see you there! Jeff

Photos from all painting classes

  Link to photos <<< There are quite a few photos here, but it will give you an idea what classes are like. Thanks for asking! Jeff