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 I'll add some articles about barn quilt history. These quilt patterns were originally painted directly on barns by German and Swiss who immigrated to Kutztown, PA and brought their traditions.  Now they are art done all around the country.  More to follow.

Sources of inspiration?

 Looking for a design to paint?  Start anywhere! The internet is filled with designs, forums and catalogs.  Etsy, Pintrest and many barn quilting forums will give you ideas.   Original?  Most recently I started a design based on the 9/11 disaster and some photographs I saw on that topic.  We will see how it comes out.  It's not a traditional quilt design, but it came from imagination.  Time will tell.

Why do I paint?

 One of the motivators in my painting Barn Quilts is that no matter what image I had in mind when I start,,, no matter how messy the process is... the end result doesn't appear until I strip off the last piece of tape, and it's usually better than what I expected.

Today thoughts

  I had a great conversation last night about my Barn Quilts and how to get them in front of more people.  The details aren’t important to my thoughts right now, but I slept like a rock for the first time in months.  Very comforting to have the basis of a plan, and a supportive partner. Are you looking forward?  I’ve decided to think about what is in the day ahead.  What’s the biggest activity and what will be the biggest opportunity? Not just another day, but THE day. Jeff TheBarnQuilter
  I am starting to use MDO panels for my Barn Quilts.  This is a resign coate plywood available at most lumber stores.   More to follow on that later. Here's a good intro to preparing your panels for life outdoors: Will add details as I progress.

Barn Quilt examples.

 Examples of Barn Quilts on barns. More to follow. Barn Quilts on porches:

Background on Barn Quilts.

  TheBarnQuilter - Jeff Kurtz, Carterville, IL Barn Quilts came to the US with German and Swiss immigrants to Pennsylvania in the late 1700’s.  They were originally painted directly on barns and later were panels mounted on barns. Today they are art displayed nationwide. 717-620-9676 I'm starting to collect articles about the history of barn quilts. More to follow. Here's an article with extensive details about the Barn Quilt heritage.